Winston Family Paperdolls Book

Winston Brothers

Those Winston boys are back! Dress (or undress) the Winston brothers and their paper partners in this fun, new companion piece to Penny Reid’s beloved Winston Brothers series.
This book contains 15 illustrated paperdolls including: Ashley Winston
Drew Runous
Duane Winston
Jessica James
Jethro Winston
Sienna Diaz
Cletus Winston
Jennifer Sylvester
Beau Winston
Shelly Sullivan
Roscoe Winston
Simone Payton
Billy Winston
Scarlet St. Claire
Bethany Winston

Illustrations for the Winston Brothers paperdolls were designed by Blythe Russo. Each doll comes with two wardrobe options and brings to life the Penny Reid characters you know and love.


  • Type: Novel
  • Release Date: November 18, 2020
  • Pages: 42
  • Winston Brothers
  • Level of Awesome: Illustrated Winstons