Penny’s Most Frequently Asked Questions:


What are your upcoming releases and what are their release dates?

You can view all of my upcoming releases and their release dates on my ‘Upcoming Releases’ page.


What is the reading order for The Knitting in the City Series? 

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (#1)

Neanderthal Marries Human: A Smarter Romance (#1.5)

Friends without Benefits: An Unrequited Romance (#2)

Love Hacked: A Reluctant Romance (#3)

Beauty and the Mustache: A Philosophical Romance (#4)

Ninja at First Sight (#4.75)

Happily Ever Ninja: A Married Romance (#5)

Dating-ish (#6)

Marriage of Inconvenience (#7)

Neanderthal Seeks EXTRA (yarns) (#8) – A comprehensive collection of all short stories, deleted scenes, and special features.


What is the reading order for The Winston Brothers Series/ Green Valley World Books? 

Here’s our recommended reading order for all the Winston Brothers / Green Valley World books written by Penny Reid. You do not have to read them in this order!! But if you want to know, here it is:

KITC 4.0 Beauty and the Mustache (Can be read as a standalone, Ashley and Drew)
WB 1.0 Truth or Beard (Can be read as a standalone, Duane and Jessica)
WB 2.0 Grin and Beard It (Can be read as a standalone, Jethro and Sienna)
WB 3.0 Beard Science (Can be read as a standalone, Cletus and Jenn)
WB 4.0 Beard in Mind (Can be read as a standalone, Beau and Shelly)
SFP 1.0 Engagement and Espionage (Should read ‘Beard Science’ first, Cletus and Jenn)
SFP 2.0 Marriage and Murder (Should read ‘Beard Science’ and ‘Engagement and Espionage’ first, Cletus and Jenn)
WB 4.5 Beard In Hiding (Should read ‘Beard Science,’ and Solving for Pie series books first, Diane and Repo)
WB 5.0 Dr. Strange Beard (Can be read as a standalone, Roscoe and Simone)
WB 6.0 Beard With Me (Can be read as a standalone, prequel for Billy and Scarlet)
WB 7.0 Beard Necessities (Can be read as a standalone, Billy and Scarlet)
GF 1.0 Totally Folked (Can be read as a standalone, Jackson and Rae)
GF 2.0 Folk Around and Find Out (Can be read as a standalone, Hank and Charlotte)
GF 3.0 (Can be read as a standalone, Isaac and …. )

How many books will be in the Rugby Series?

There are 4 books in the Rugby series and no plans currently to write more within the series.

The Hooker and the Hermit (#1)

The Pixie and the Player (#2)

The Cad and the Co-ed (#3)

The Varlet and the Voyeur (#4)


What is the reading order for The Hypothesis Series?

Elements of Chemistry




Laws of Physics





Do you have a printable list of your books?

YES! You can grab a reading list by series HERE.


Are you going to write another book about Martin and Kaitlyn?

Not a full length novel. If I write anything for them it’ll be from Martin’s POV and it’ll be a novella. I feel as though their story has been told <3 There is a bonus scene from Martin’s POV featured on Vilma’s Book Blog here.


Are any of your books available for free?

Currently, no. 🙁


Do you sell signed copies of your books?

Yes! You can purchase them here.


Do you sell any book swag?

Yes, you can purchase different swag items from the Penny Reid Store.


I signed up to your newsletter, but I’m not receiving them in my email.

Double check your spam folder, and make sure you have added penny@pennyreid.ninja to your approved e-mail list. If you’re still not receiving the newsletter then email my assistant fionuhfischer@gmail.com and she will check that your information has been added to the newsletter list correctly.


How often does the newsletter go out?

The newsletter goes out once a month and typically after a book releases.


Where will you be appearing in person and when will you come to my area?

Check out the Events & Signings page to see if I’m coming to your neck of the woods.


How do I know when you will release a new book?
Subscribe to the Penny Reid newsletter or follow me on Facebook


Do you have a street team or fan group I can join?

I don’t have a street team, but I have a fan/reader group called ‘The Sharks of Awesome’ and they are awesome <3 Click here to join!


Do you really knit?

Yes! I  have an account on Ravelry if you want to follow me there 🙂


What is the best way to get in contact with you?

The easiest way to reach me is through my assistant Fiona Fischer. You can email her at fionuhfischer@gmail.com, otherwise your email may become buried in my inbox deeper than Blackbeard’s treasure.