Short story: Fill out this survey! FILL ME OUT BECAUSE I’M A BADASS FORM

Long story: Up front I should tell you that my level of happiness in my
writing and/or my determination to improve as a writer has no
relationship with the world’s perception of my success.

That stated, I find the entire subject of “perceived success” completely fascinating.

Certainly, like any individual willing to be honest, I struggle with perceptions of success (as an author and, honestly, in general). I’ve been told that I’m considered “successful” as an author, but without comparison data or the ability to plot my place on the yellow brick road to Oz, I am forever doubting the veracity of these assertions.

Also, it bothers me. It bothers me when a person calls me successful because I don’t know what “successful” means. Therefore, the label feels too big and too tight, false, and uncomfortable.

As I stated above, it doesn’t actually matter if I’m considered successful as an author (whether or not this label is applicable to me). Rather, what is interesting to me is how we (we being the community of authors, readers, reviewers/blogger in the publishing industry) perceive Author Success. 

To that end, and accepting the limitations of sample bias, I’ve created a survey on the subject. Obviously, I haven’t gone through the steps to ensure the survey is is reliable/valid. It is, however, an informal approach which I hope will allow us some insight into the baseline of perceived success.

So, please fill it out! It’s for authors, readers, bloggers, EVERYONE!

I’ll publish the results in May <3