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If you’re reading this that means, by some miracle, I’ve figured out how to make a blog post (and disperse it through all the various RSS feeds around the internets).

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking it’s way too fancy for Penny Reid to have a website of this enormous awesomeness. And you might be right (…you are right). But I have it nevertheless. We’re still in BETA testing, so don’t be surprised if you encounter a few bugs. Feel free to send any issues along to my trusty PA, Fiona Fischer. Also, we’ve planted some Easter Eggs for you to find. I hope you enjoy.

Meanwhile I’ll be in my writing cave cranking out the last half of the Winston Brothers book (Jethro’s book).

Moral of the story: WELCOME TO MY NEW WEBSITE!! I hope you like it. <3

Penny Reid New Website