I made a blog post about this topic about a year ago. I still receive questions on the ARC process, so here it is resurrected for prosperity.


The release (weeks leading up to the release) for Elements of Chemistry has been somewhat atypical for me. I’ve received over 100 requests (via email, PM on goodreads & facebook) for an ARC from readers. This doesn’t count requests from bloggers.

On one hand, this is incredibly flattering! I AM STUNNED!!! :-O

On the other hand, my Catholic guilt is giving me tummy aches each time I have to say no to an ARC request.

As much as I’d love to give everyone a free copy of this series, if I did that then I’d no longer be able to afford writing books.

So…. how do you go about getting an ARC for one of my books?

There are a few ways:

1) The “Always ARC list”. Information about this list can be found here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/2273041-always-arc-list—what-is-it

2) Join the blog tour as a blogger:  Of note, not every blogger that signs up will receive an ARC. This is because more and more I’m finding readers who start a blog, review no books, but then sign up for my blog tour… O.o

3) Enter to win via contests and giveaways:  https://www.facebook.com/PennyReidWriter As well, whenever a new ARC giveaway is posted on a blog (or elsewhere around the internets) I also post that information on my facebook page.

I hope this helps clarify the process…

<3 Penny