Are you on Instagram?

In the ocean of social media, I think Instagram is the fish I’m infatuated with most. I love how curatable (not a word, but it should be, because I don’t want to use “easy to curate”) it is. For me it’s less about reach and more about having a place to go to look at and share beautiful things (like a museum, where I also have a gallery, except I can stay in my yoga pants). I tend to gravitate towards feeds with pictures instead of graphics or renderings, as well as a little bit of the instagrammer’s real life thrown in. And that’s how I tend to run my “gallery”.

Some of my favorite instagrammers, unsurprisingly, involve crafty things. But I also love bookish feeds, photographers, and (surprisingly) one shopping site in particular.

**Books** Just. Beautiful. Book. Photos. More. Just. Beautiful. Book. Photos.


**Crafts** Cal Patch is my one stop shop for everything I wish I could do: own a farm, sew all the time, knit all the time, crochet all the time, draw, carve stamps. I basically live vicariously through her pictures. AWESOME FREE CROSS STITCH PATTERNS and they’re lovely. I took workshops with Maya several years ago and find her feed to be inspiring and beautiful.


**Shop** LOVE their curated shop and that they stock great clothes for most sizes.


**Other** Romantic photographs about couples in love (and other awesome photographs).


Do you have any favorite feeds??? I’m still a novice, but I’d love some more recommendations. <3