Some thoughts about love…

I have a lot of love for humanity. I know that’s not a popular sentiment at the moment, and that’s a-okay.

Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to her/his beliefs. Love isn’t about agreeing 100% of the time, and it isn’t about perfection. It’s about wanting the best for people.


Even when they don’t want the best for themselves (or they’re blind to it). Even when they can’t be bothered to want the best for you, or the rest of humanity.

It’s about a willingness to be (cheerfully) inconvenienced for another person (or group of people).

I’ve been inconvenienced by humanity today, but that’s okay. Because I have love for humanity and that love keeps me cheerful.

Sometimes we are called to speak, and we should. We must.
Sometimes we are called to listen, and we should do so with a heart and mind intent on understanding. You don’t have to agree in order to understand. At least I think so.

I know I have a higher tolerance than most for poor behavior (likely because I’m not particularly emotional and likely because I haven’t had to deal with a great deal of adversity over the course of my life… at least I don’t think I have, not compared to others).

All of that said, sometimes we are called to shake a person off, like the dust from our sandals. And that is part of love, too. We must shake an individual off (AN INDIVIDUAL, NOT A GROUP) so we can continue to focus our love where it does the most good.

That individual knows where I live. If she/he doesn’t want to be dust, she/he can take a shower and come visit.