Random Reflection Post

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “knowing oneself.”

Don’t you find it interesting that we have to figure ourselves out? Like, in each person there are really two people (at least) and those multiple people in one body are constantly trying to figure each other out. Something I “learned about myself” recently is that I don’t appreciate (or enjoy) sunshine. Give me cave-like conditions, candle light and cold (and a hand knit blanket) and I will be happy. But force me outside, into the sun, and I make that face (you know the face, it’s the face your kids make when you tell them to do something that’s good for them– like take a bath. At first, they suffer through the thought of what’s to come and, BEHOLD, the face).

Over my life, I find I am constantly “learning about myself.” What works for this person who I technically am, what doesn’t work. Everything from how clothes fit me, to what colors look best on me, to how to stop this hair from frizzing, to what types of movies and books I like, to how able I am (or unable) to cook, learn, understand, listen, speak.

I guess, I find it interesting that we don’t just know ourselves. We can’t look within and immediately identify our weaknesses and strengths, our wants and desires. We have to figure it out, just like we have to figure it out with other people. How do we figure these things out? I suppose, first, we must ask the question, spend the time, and have the conversation.

How many of you do that?

How many of you take the time to know yourself?