The time is finally nigh, Neanderthal Seeks Extra Yarns is ALIVE and available all across the interwebs! I am so excited for you all to read a bit more about the Knitting in the City gang one last time. Go forth and devour the extra Knitting in the City goodness, or don’t. The choice is yours!


And again, just as a reminder this is a comprehensive collection of short stories, deleted scenes, and bonus features! This collection will include all the short stories from Scenes from the City, Scenes from the Hallway, and a (comprehensive) collection of all my bonus features, stories, and deleted scenes from the series.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER ABOUT THIS BOOK: This book will definitely contain content that you’ve either had a chance to acquire for free (‘Scenes from the Hallway’ and ‘Scenes from the City’ were both free), 99cents (Scenes from the City was 99cents for 12 months to benefit charity), available in past editions of my newsletter, or available on blogs/around the internets. I will also be including a few extra, never before seen deleted scenes and stories (likely less than 10% of the book… maybe 20%).

If you opt to purchase this book, you will be buying something for $5.99 you could have purchased for $.99 (or free) over the past few years + 10-20% new content. DO NOT BUY IT IF THIS GIVES YOU ANGST!!! Instead, self-medicate with cheese, a bubble bath, and/or chocolate