Buckle up, friends. I have EXCITING news!
Chris Brinkley, y’all know him, right? He’s the narrator extraordinaire for all things Winston Brothers. Well, he’s also a talented writer, and we are so thrilled to partner with Chris on this exciting project. Chris will be releasing an all-new series with Smartypants Romance best consumed via audio, but we’ll also distribute it via ebook and print as well.
If you’re on the Smartypants Romance and Penny Reid Patreon…we’ll release audiobook chapters there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during June and July. You’ll get the full audiobook via Patreon over the summer as our happy summertime present to you. Yep, the whole thing for all tiers of subscribers.
The ebook and paperback will release far and wide on June 29th.
The audiobook will be exclusive to Audible (initially) and be available likely on or around June 29th as well.
What is it about??! It’s about a man falling in love and the journey he takes to get there, though it’s definitely not a typical narrative. Each “chapter” or “part” is a journal entry, or maybe a love letter…that he never plans to share or send. You get to watch (or listen, in this case) to our hero, Zach, fall in love with his lady as he pours his heart out via journal entries. So those of you who love epistolary romances, prepare thyselves for the swoon.
It is loosely tied to the Green Valley World with Tennessee references throughout the series.
MY STORY OF US: ZACH is coming soon. VERY SOON!
Audiobook serial release to Patreon starting June 2nd!! https://www.patreon.com/smartypantsromance