HUZZAH! I’m back for more #MemorableMomentMonday featuring upcoming Totally Folked hero, Jackson James. If you’ve read Smartypants Romance, BEEN THERE DONE THAT by Hope Ellis, then you know that Jackson places a pretty big role. He’s Zora Leffersbee’s fake fiancé. They have an arrangement that works for both of them in their busy lives. Anyway, in this excerpt below, Nick, the hero, is not buying that Zora and Jackson are the real deal. But they attempt to prove it with a little PDA. Hilarity ensues.
Hope did an amazing job in BTDT. She wrote Jackson’s character with such thoughtful consideration and authenticity. And I’ve had emails and messages from Smartypants readers telling me that Hope’s book is what made them start to fall for Jackson James. You should check it out, if you haven’t yet. Hope is a gifted writer, and the Leffersbees are a fun family in Green Valley. You just might see more of them this fall 😉
Anywho…read on for a little bit of ‘Been There Done That’ <3
As I watched, he lowered his head to Zora, ostensibly to kiss her. Her eyes widened at his approach. She flicked a wide-eyed glance in my direction, turned her head to Jackson’s descending head . . .
The speed at which it all happened made it all the more funny. Their faces met in a collision of foreheads and teeth, both of them pulling away from the ridiculous farce with pained expressions.
It was the funniest thing I’d ever seen and went a long way toward staving off any irritation I might have felt about this display of affection. Jackson reared back, his hand on his lip. Zora rubbed her forehead, frowning.
“Damn, Jackson,” Zora muttered, just loud enough for me to hear.
“You bit me,” he stage-whispered, his fingers tracing the inside of his lip. “I was trying to kiss you, not get my lip chewed off.”
“It was involuntary, I didn’t expect you slam into my head,” Zora hissed, her words only just reaching me.
I watched them, fascinated. These were two people who didn’t kiss all that often, if at all.
“You’re right, Zora,” I said, smiling at them both. Their heads snapped back in my direction. “It is magic when a couple’s nonverbals match, isn’t it? That right there? Pure synchrony.”
Zora narrowed her eyes at me. Jackson shot me a dark look as he straightened, then one of those sly “aw shucks” looks I’d always hated slithered across his face.
“Well. I keep telling Zora that Daddy doesn’t like it when she bites, but what can I say? She’s passionate.”
I’ll definitely have more memorable moments from Been There Done That coming up! What are some others you think deserve Memorable Moment Monday status?
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