It’s that time again! #MemorableMomentMonday with Jackson James! Have you read Crime and Periodicals by the talented Author Nora Everly?! Well, Jackson makes several appearances as fellow-sheriff’s deputy to Nora’s hero, Wyatt Monroe. The two have a very healthy bromance going on and Jackson is pretty helpful in getting Wyatt and his lady love, Sabrina, together. The excerpt I’ve selected for today’s MMM is just following Wyatt and Sabrina’s first meeting. It came about after Jackson abandoned his deputy pal and Sabrina had to give him a ride back into town. Always a meddler, that Jackson. Enjoy!
“Hey, Jackson, thanks for leaving me on the road, man,” I called as I crossed the station to sit on his desk and bust his chops before I met my mother and one or more of my three brothers for lunch at Daisy’s Nut House. Jackson James was a couple years ahead of me all through school. I’d known him since we were kids—he was the same age as my older brother, Everett. But Jackson never hung out with my brother or me. He was too busy hanging around with Ashley Winston back then to give anyone else the time of day. I didn’t blame him, if Ashley Winston had chosen me to hang out with, I would have ditched everyone else too. She was as sweet as she was pretty. Sometime after high school Jackson had won the battle against his acne and braces and become a deputy sheriff. Now, all he had to do was win the battle against his father’s shadow. Jackson’s father, Sheriff Jeffrey James, was a legend in these parts—I was honored when he hired me to work for his department, it was a dream come true.
Jackson looked up at me with a grin and leaned back in his chair. “You should be thanking me—sincerely, Monroe—without the sarcasm. I did you a favor. I left you with a cute little librarian. Scared Sabrina Logan pulled to the side of a treacherous mountain road—just waiting for a big hero like you. Sightings of her in town are rare, unless you’re into books. But there are only so many times you can go into the library before it gets weird … so, uh, you’re welcome.”
“She shot you down, huh? Did she break your heart?” I grinned. For some reason I liked the idea that she shot him down and not me—not yet, anyway. I liked Jackson; he was a good guy and I enjoyed working with him. But I had found myself really liking Sabrina this morning. Something about her shyness drew me in. She was like a mystery and I wanted to solve it. The thought of Jackson going after Sabrina—well, it didn’t make me happy and I’ll leave it at that for now.
Jackson chuckled. “Not quite. I wasn’t trying to hit on her, not the first time anyway. I don’t think she even realized it was me that first time, even though she knows who I am—if that makes any sense at all. I ran into her at the library a few years back when I was looking for the latest Stephen King. I think she was hiding back there in the horror section. She jumped about a foot in the air when I walked up and said hi to her. She’s a shy one. Completely oblivious to flirting of any sort, but sweet. She always holds the new Stephen King books for me when they come out. She’s gorgeous, but too much work for me. I gave up on that a long time ago…”
More Memorable Moments coming soooooon!
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