HARK, y’all! I have returned for another #MemorableMomentMonday and this one is relatively recent. Today I’m featuring a Jackson James (and Cletus Winston) moment from ‘Marriage and Murder’ (book #2 in the Solving for Pie series). Have you read this one? In the scene, Jackson admits he wants a great love of his life (FORESHADOWING) and Cletus is considering Jackson and his response HILARIOUS (or at least, I think so).
“It’s great, don’t you think?”
“Of course I think it’s great, but—” I gave him a once-over, my eyes moving down and then up. Was this someone else in a Jackson James costume? “Why are you so happy?”
“I’m happy for Ash, for Drew.” He stared at me for a beat, the grin on his features turning to confusion. Finally, dawning comprehension lit behind his eyes. “Oh, come on, Cletus. I’m not still hung up on Ash. That was all over a long time ago.”
“Really?” I wouldn’t have been able to cover my astonishment had I tried. “Then—” I started, stopped, shook my head, and started again, “Are you sure?”
“Yeah. I mean, I love Ashley, I always will. She’s awesome. And so, absolutely, yes. I’m thrilled for her and Drew. The way they look at each other, it’s like, they should’ve gotten married ages ago, right?”
“How do they look at each other?” I was officially confuzzled, and I do not use that word lightly.
“Like how Jenn looks at you,” he said, lifting his chin toward the hall we’d just walked through. He turned his attention to me, his expression thoughtful. “I want somebody to look at me like Jenn looks at you, how Ash looks at Drew.”
“And how does Jenn look at me?”
“She adores you. It’s obvious to everybody. She thinks the sun rises and sets with you. You are so lucky.” He tapped me on the shoulder, and I didn’t even mind.
Once more I really, truly looked at Jackson James, but not to inspect him for signs of fatigue or to gauge his level of dedication to his job. Unfortunately—or, fortunately, depending on one’s perspective—it appeared that Jackson was one of those rare souls with hidden depths. And, man, that irritated me. At first.
I suppose I’m not always right. Just 99.9 percent of the time.
OH CLETUS! Who wants to see some more Jackson and Cletus bromance action? Show of hands…
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