★ 10 DAYS ★
We’re getting close, people! Only 10 MORE DAYS!! Here’s what folks are saying about Jackson James…
★”I never thought that Jackson James would ever make a woman’s toes curl with pleasure. But, OMG, MY toes started curling with anticipation from the moment he licked that ice cream cone! “
★”I had no idea how you could turn Jackson into a likeable character but you and your writing magic did it!!”
★”OMG, I’m in love with Jackson already! How did you do that?”
So if you’ve been on the fence about good ol’ Jackson…he might just surprise you! As a folking good reminder, ‘Just Folking Around’ the 16k word prequel to ‘Totally Folked’ is alive across the interwebs. Give Jackson a try FOR NO PENNIES!! What do you have to lose?
** Grab Just Folking Around **
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