What’s coming, you ask? Well, lots of things.
1. I have a sneak peek of ‘Totally Folked’ for you. I’ll drop it below. It’s a partial excerpt. That brings me to #2.
2. I’ll be doing a LIVE reading over on Instagram with the Social Butterfly PR crew of the full excerpt.
So, if you like your teasing with a side of awkward author readings…you’re welcome. Come hang out at 6pm on Thursday, July 8th. https://www.instagram.com/socialbutterfly_pr/
If you can’t make it at the appointed time, never fear! I’m told it will be kept for posterity and I’ll make sure to show it to y’all.
**Your Copy awaits…**
“Call me Rae,” I said, blinking rapidly and wiping the back of my hand under my nose.
He snapped his mouth shut and frowned, like my request had interrupted his train of thought. “Uh, okay. Is Rae your name?”
“It is. It’s—” I needed to swallow around the emotion at the base of my throat before I could continue “—it’s what my friends call me.”
I nodded quickly, peeking at him.
“Suits you.” I watched his lips curve into a coaxing smile, the warmth returning to his gaze.
“Thank you,” I managed, acutely breathless.
“Only name that would suit you better is Sunny.”
I laughed, rolling my eyes. “Not Rainbow?”
“Good point. You are colorful.”
“Well, I think your name suits you, too.” I laughed again, but then added in a quieter tone that might’ve verged on shy, “I’ve always thought so.”
We traded stares for another moment, my earlier cold and dull unsteadiness transforming into something else, something hot and sharp and equally unsteady.
He doesn’t have a girlfriend, Rae. He’s single, Rae. You’re here for another twenty-four hours, Rae.
“Well.” He pulled his gaze from mine and gave his head a little shake. “I’ve said my piece. I am sorry if I upset you.
I noticed the beading of sweat at his temples. It was hot in here, stifling.
“You . . .” I was about to say, ‘You didn’t upset me,’ but that wasn’t true. He’d upset everything. I’d made peace with him being unobtainable, happy with someone else.
If possible, I wanted him more now than I had before. Parts of me ached, imagining what it would be like to watch him strip off that sexy uniform and—
Whoa. Wait.
Even though he was single, he’d just split from his girlfriend. He probably needed time before jumping into bed with me or anyone.
Oooor—and just think about it, no need to make any rash decisions—maybe now is the perfect time for him to jump into bed with you. You’re leaving tomorrow. You could be his rebound one-night-stand. No strings. Again.
He seemed to be waiting for me to finish my thought. But competing desires made it impossible for me to make the words and say the thing. And how would I even bring it up?
How would I ask?
Just . . . ask.
I nibbled my bottom lip, uncertain.
It can’t be that easy.
His gaze dropped to my mouth, grew dazed.
Try it. What do you have to lose?
“Rae, the reason—”
“Will you spend the night with me?”
~END SNEAK~…for now. See you July 8th for the rest!