As the date of the pubversary for ‘Neanderthal Seeks Human’ and the KickstarterCampaign draws closer, I’ve been stressing in the extreme about the affordability of the hardcovers. Given all the data, and the cost of materials, and shipping, and etc. etc. I have come to the conclusion that the current plan is not feasible and won’t succeed.
THEREFORE, it’s time to pivot.
To that end, I’ve made a decision about the project which changes it on a fundamental level, as follows:
1. The original plan was to have printed heirloom quality, hardback editions with custom end sheets, gold foil stamped covers, and ribbon markers. These require that we commit to 6750 books AT A MINUMUM (750 per title, 9 titles). This would mean that the cost of each individual hardcover book would be no less than $64 for the readers (the $64 includes shipping). I feel like this is too much to ask of anyone, especially now given the current economic climate, and especially when you’re talking about 9 titles ($64 x 9 = $576 per set, just for the books… blarg)
2. The new plan is to move forward with the KickstarterCampaign, and all the great collaborations, illustrations, artwork, commemorative items we already had planned, but instead of heirloom quality hardcovers, we’ll be doing paperbacks. These will still be the limited edition, 10 year anniversary cover designs. THEY WILL STILL BE ANNOTATED!! And include all previous bonus scenes (plus a few new ones!!). And they will be exclusive to this KickstarterCampaign.
3. This has allowed us to drop the price on all the levels to something more manageable for many, many people.
4. BUT GOOD NEWS!! (I think) There is still a chance we could do the heirloom quality editions. As a stretch goal, if the project meets the minimum required to have the heirloom quality hardcovers printed ($432k for all 6750 of them) then anyone who has purchased a tier with a paperback book will receive a hardback (gold foil, custom end sheets, ribbon marker) version of that title instead.
5. IN SUMMARY: We will launch the project with more manageable pricing based on paperback special editions. If the funds raised for the project surpass the minimum required to order the heirloom quality editions, (i.e. a “stretch goal” of $432k) then we will MAGICALLY change every paperback order to a hardcover order for fulfillment and even though you paid paperback prices, you will receive a heirloom quality hardcover. BEHOLD MAGIC MAGICALNESS!
6. One last thing: if we hit our stretch goal of $432k to print the hardcovers, we will be adding new tiers with the hardcovers that have the hardcover pricing (to reflect the new cost; $64 per title; $576 for the set).
*****That means, if we reach the stretch goal amount, those of you who support the project early will pay substantially less than those poor souls who show up late if / once we switch over to hardcover pricing.*****
The paperback tiers will still be available at the original pricing.
7. I lied. There’s one more last thing: This means our chances of actually meeting our funding goal GREATLY increases, which I think is awesome news all around. With the heirloom quality books, the funding goal was giving me stomach aches. But now, with paperbacks and no minimum print-run order, I’ll be able to sleep tonight.
8. MORE LIES! One very last thing: We’re adding a new tier (going from 11 tiers to 12 tiers total), one which will allow people to subscribe to a box and receive the books over the period of 27 months (9 titles x 3 months between boxes) with a “pay-as-you-go” option for folks who can’t manage to buy all 9 titles all at once. Tier #7 will allow you to “reserve your spot” on the list, and then we will use the Penny Reid shop to set up a subscription for you if the project funds. You’d receive your first book along with everyone else when their 1-time boxes ship later in 2023, and then a new book every three months (#1, #1.5, #2, and so forth until you have them all)
Okay. That’s it. Sorry it’s so long. As recompense for your patience, here’s a sneakpeek of some items we have planned for the boxes.
BEHOLD! We’ve partnered with one of my absolute favorite yarn dyers, Madelinetosh! (If you’ve read any of the Knitting in the City books, then you’ll recognize the name). We’ve collaborated to bring you a custom dye lot yarn to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the Knitting in the City series. And the best part? It’s named “Sandra’s Revenge.” LOL!
We also have these gorgeous gold stamped on black couple pencils by Jen at Aurous! Jen is a Chicago-based technophile that veered into handmade when she
came across a vintage Kingsley foil stamping machine. As a child, Jen
always loved receiving a new pencil box with fresh school supplies,
and stamping pencils was a natural fit. Even after setting countless
pieces of type, it is a daily highlight for Jen to see the clever and
fun requests that people make for their pencils. ❤
Love, Penny