Look at this, friends! In anticipation of Isaac’s book (All Folked Up), the Good Folk series is getting a new look!
It’s Hank’s turn and I am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS NEW VERSION. Look at his hair! And the plaid and those FOREARMS. This artwork collaboration with Liz Parkes is so wonderful, and I’m thrilled to show you the Folk Around and Find Out cover.
Here’s a recap…
The new Good Folk covers (for ‘Totally Folked’ and ‘Folk Around and Find Out’) will be available widely in October 2023. That is SOON and we are preparing all the things.
We will still have the original-style (beard silhouette) covers available through the Penny Reid shop until December 1, 2024.
When ‘All Folked Up’ (Isaac’s book) releases, it will be the new cover design that will be released (not the beard silhouette).
If collectors want the original-style cover design so all three books match (the old covers), we have one for ‘All Folked Up’ and it will be up exclusively through the Penny Reid ninja shop once ‘All Folked Up’ releases.
The new cover for ‘All Folked Up’ and the original-style cover for ‘All Folked Up’ will be revealed in the October newsletter.
Look alive, Reiders! It’s all happening 💛