Do you want to become an author?
Then may I suggest you read this facebook post by Carey Heywood, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller. Not only is it incredibly brave, it’s honest and real and will give you a very unusual perspective on being an author.

Because being an author is really lonely. <— This is not a complaint. It’s a fact. Yes, authors have readers. But writing is a solitary pursuit and, let’s face it, an author is only as loved by and relevant to her/his readers as his/her last publication. And that’s okay. Really and honestly. Readers owe authors absolutely nothing (other than, you know, basic human decency; like, don’t spit on us).

But that doesn’t change the fact that being an author is really lonely.

Read the post. Read the whole thing. And don’t feel sorry for Carey. She is brave and strong and on her own journey. But maybe take this rare opportunity to grab a peek into the psyche of authors. The take home message is to learn from this post (about others and about yourself). This post is a gift.