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. . . things.
I’m moving this week. We’re taking our kids (and all of my craft supplies) and moving from one corner of the continental USA to the other.
It’s hard to let go. It’s difficult to accept that I’ve made a decision which is akin to throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. Some things will be perfect, some things will be devastating, but most will be neither. Saying goodbye to old friends feels like leaving essential pieces of my heart behind. I ache.
I might be posting less over the next few months. Actually, I will definitely be posting less over the next few months. But I’ll also be working. I want to write all the books, special scenes and outtakes from ‘Grin and Beard It’ will be coming your way in July; the serialized sequel to ‘Nobody Looks Good In Leather Pants’ will be coming January 2017 (via the newsletter); and Cletus is starting campfires in my brain daily.

I wish you all well. <3