LOOK!! Twin covers.
Behold the new cover(s) for the Winston Brothers series, book 1, ‘Truth or Beard.’ IT’S FINALLY HERE!!
Q1: Wait! Are there two covers?
A1: Correct! The white cover is the standard print run and the red is the first print run. The red cover has RED sprayed edges and there are limited quantities.
Q2: How do I get the first print run? (Penny calls this the “sexy red cover”)
A2: The best way to get the first edition with the red cover AND WITH READ SPRAYED EDGES is to pre-order form your local North American retailer (Indie bookstore of choice, B&N, Target, Walmart, MAB, Amazon, etc.)
**Of note, I will also try to secure several for the Winston Brothers Kickstarter, coming in October 2024, so Kickstarter backers can be guaranteed the red cover with red sprayed edges; more on this coming sooooon!**
Q3: When can I get the white cover?
A3: The white “standard” cover will begin printing only once the red first print run has sold out! The “standard” cover will never go out of print, so don’t fret about that being sold out!
Q4: Can I get these internationally?
A4: Yes! Copies of the book in the English language will be available internationally. Please check with your local retailer or e-retailer to purchase.
I’ll be giving a live tour of the standard print edition today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that!