Actually, not soon at all. But the request for proposals (RFP) will be up May 1!

We’ve been working on branding, potential series ideas, and all that jazz. I’ve had phone calls with other authors who are “owners” of their own universe, collaborating writers (who write within universes), and lawyers. The lawyers are going to help me pull together all the paperwork stuff– NDA’s, template contracts, language to share with prospective collaborating writers, etc.– so we can have everything spelled out and clear before folks actually start drafting their stories.

Just for fun, here are some sample covers / series ideas we’ve been thinking about. Note that I’m listed as the author for most of the books, but that will definitely not be the case. We haven’t decided whether one collaborating writer will write an entire series OR if each book (about each main character) will be written by a different author (ALL OF THESE ARE DRAFT! and subject to change):

1. A park ranger series set in Green Valley… are you prepared for the ranger jokes?

2. A series set in Chicago about the Cipher-Systems back office employees…

3. Another series set in Chicago about the Cipher-Systems security team (of note, Fiona Fischer isn’t writing this book as far as I know, the cover is just a mock up). And yes, Stan will be getting his own story. 🙂

4. We have a few other series we’re kicking around (musicians/artists spin off of the Hypothesis series, a series about the Green Valley library, etc. but I haven’t had time to make mock up covers for those as of yet).

So, I guess my question is: if you could read a series about ANY GROUP of people from any of my books (Nico’s family for example) who/what would it be?