You are all awesome (obviously) and your awesomeness cannot be contained (clearly) as this is the third year you’ve written in one (or two) of my books for the Goodreads Choice Awards, Best Romance category.

Thank you <3

If you want to vote for the semifinals, here is the link:…/best-romance-books-2018

I know some of you wanted to try to coordinate which book to vote for (so the vote isn’t split) and as much as I appreciate the intention behind this approach, may I suggest y’all just vote with your heart. If that means you vote for someone else’s book (Marianna’s book is on the list and it was excellent! So is the Kiss Quotient, which I super enjoyed. Also, two Christina Lauren books, both wonderful, and Colleen Hoover’s book, also wonderful, and so forth).

Basically, I love you dearly, but please don’t feel like you need to vote for me. There were so many great books this year, I’m honored you felt inspired to nominate mine.

THANK YOU!!! <3 Penny