Greetings, y’all! I have the news. We’ve been working on having all the Knitting in the City bonus scenes recorded. You might remember these from Neanderthal Seeks Extra Yarns if bonus and deleted scenes are your thing.

Anywho, we’ll be releasing this newly narrated bonus content once a month. And first up is Neanderthal Seeks Honeymoon!

This scene takes place during Janie and Quinn’s honeymoon, so within a few days after the end of Neanderthal Marries Human. It was originally included in the limited release, Scenes from the City. It’s been narrated by Janie herself, Jennifer Grace.

All of these bonus scenes will be available for FREE on Authors Direct (where WE can control the pricing). They’ll go up on other retailers like Apple, Google Play, Nook, and Kobo around the same time as Authors Direct (but not for free). And alllllll the bonus scenes will eventually be bundled and sold on Audible.

Grab Neanderthal Seeks Honeymoon Bonus Audio on Authors Direct for FREE here: https://bit.ly/3c2gcvu

Apple: https://apple.co/32Jugqp

Google Play: https://bit.ly/32Jlyc0