What’s this?!?! We’re celebrating the upcoming anniversary of ‘Engagement and Espionage’ with some FUN for ‘Beard Science’. It’s good to shake things up for Cletus lest he get bored and troublesome.
Aforementioned fun will include but is not limited to:
1. A temporary makeover (to fit in with E&E and all things Solving for Pie).
2. BEARD SCIENCE will be ZERO DOLLAHS for a very short while in all of the places. Whaaaaa?! If you’ve already experienced the delight that is Cletus Winston, might I encourage you to spread the weird Winston word to a birthday worthy friend?
3. Paperbacks in the Ninja Shop featuring this temporary alternate cover. (Of note, the shop is currently closed and nothing will ship until August). I’ll keep you posted when this happens.
4. A celebratory virtual banana cake. Don’t ask me how this works.
** Grab Beard Science for no monies **