I’m wrapping up ‘Marriage of Inconvenience’ and it looks like the final word count will surpass 145k words. THEREFORE:

1. If you pre-order the book, it will be $5.99 (pre-order here: http://pennyreid.ninja/book/marriage-of-inconvenience/)

2. If you buy it after day 1, it will be $6.99 (as it is a full 20% longer than my other full length titles– which average 115k words– and, the way the story progressed, probably should have been split into 2 books).

Background: My ebook pricing is based on the length of the title (which is directly related to time, energy, and cost for subcontractors required). Longer books take longer to write, are more expensive to edit/proof/etc. This is why the Rugby books are less expensive than the KITC books (they’re 20% shorter).

So, there you go. I wanted to let you all know ASAP.